Whether you are just visiting or seriously seeking a church home, we’re excited to have you with us.


What happens when you come to Immanuel?

1.    At 9:00 AM we have Bible study for all ages. Children may attend our “Christ-Light” for Kids program. Each Sunday they learn a different Bible story and how it applies to their life. Teens and adults have a Bible study class, in a casual setting, where we study Bible books and current topics in light of God’s word. You don’t have to be experienced in the Bible to join in. We welcome your questions.

2.    At 10:00 AM we hold our family worship hour. Our services allow God to speak to us through his Word in the Bible. We believe every worshipper should go home rejoicing in the message of God’s undeserved love. You will find the lessons printed in our worship folder. Our worship also allows us to respond to God’s love in our songs of praise and our prayers. The order of our service varies from week to week but generally includes the following parts:

     •   Call to worship (sometimes called the invocation) – We call on the name of our Savior God as we praise him.

     •   Confession and forgiveness  -  We acknowledge that we have not always done what God asks. Then, we are assured of                 forgiveness because     of what Jesus Christ has done for us.

     •   Bible Readings   -  We hear selections from God’s Old Testament prophets, Jesus’ apostles, and from Jesus himself in the          Gospels. The pastor gives a brief explanation of each reading and how it ties in each Sunday’s theme.

     •  Sermon -  Our pastor offer instruction and  encouragement in a Bible-based sermon. We hear God’s plan of salvation as              well as practical guidance for living in a way that gives God thanks and helps us deal with real life issues.

     •  Response to the Word  -  We respond with offerings and prayers for the things God has promised to us and for strength to          do what he has asked. Newcomers are not expected to participate in the offering until they are ready to do so moved by            their love and desire to thank the Lord.

     •  Parting Blessing  -  We hear one last assurance of God care before we return to our homes and communities to live at                  God’s children.

     •  Announcements  - The pastor and members will briefly share what is happening in the Immanuel “church family” during            the week. We also like to recognize birthdays and anniversaries and praise God for his blessings in our lives. We share              opportunities  for God’s people to use their gifts to serve him and others.

  • What about young children?  We love to have children in church! Worship is an important part of their lives as well.  Our pastor has a special “children’s message” in each service. Young children are invited to the front for this message and return to their families when it is finished.  If parents need to have a quiet space outside the worship area for very young children, we have a nursery room available.

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